Photo Paint

Photo PaintYour baby is too young for face painting? You got skin allergy and unable to be painted? Consider this special photo painting service! The procedure is simple and the cost is UP TO YOU! This service is limited to Hong Kong only.

Follow the steps in order to enjoy this service:

  1. Like Facepainterhk.Olivian Page
  2. Like & Share the post
  3. PM us the photo soft copy and let us know your desired painting
  4. Photo will be printed in 8R size and painted as requested
  5. We will mail you the final product upon completion



  1. 讚好 Facepainterhk.Olivian 專頁
  2. 點讚並分享信息
  3. 把照片私訊給我們,讓我們知道您想要的彩繪圖案
  4. 我們會把照片沖晒成8R尺寸並按要求繪製
  5. 完成後,我們會將照片郵寄給您